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Tony Aspler, A Wine Lover’s Diary
spectacular Ontario Pinot Noir. Thomas Bachelder has established himself as the top Pinot Noir producer in Canada.

Richard Sands, Wine Business International
This is a hidden secret. On the Niagara Peninsula, Le Clos Jordanne is producing Pinot Noir that is as great as any in the world.

Michael Vaughan, National Post
I discovered that truly great Pinot Noir has been made here in Ontario.

Christopher Silliman, Wein-Plus Magazine (Highland, NY)
Le Clos Jordanne is a winery in a category by itself… the finest examples of Pinot Noir that I’ve tasted in North America.

Robert Noël, Times and Transcript (Moncton)
some of the best Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy…this winery will, I guarantee you, raise the bar for Pinot Noir from new world regions.

Steven Page, Wine Spectator Blog
Cult wines, gotta-have wines; absolutely astounding Pinot Noir;

Dan Kislenko, The (Kitchener) Record
elegance and sophistication that puts them at the top of the Ontario wine pyramid

Edward Finstein, Beach Metro News (Toronto)
astounding and in my mind, the best this country has to offer.

David Lawrason, E-Report
The bar for quality in Ontario, has just been raised; a watershed moment for the Ontario industry. Some will rise to the challenge, others will be re-considering just why they are in the business.

Beppi Crosariol, Globe & Mail
Off to a majestic start. The reds, one better than the other, mark nothing short of a new era for Niagara pinot.

Gordon Stimmell, Toronto Star
Finest Canadian pinot noir I have ever tasted.

Stephen Beckta, WHERE Magazine (Ottawa)
Do you have a favourite local or indigenous ingredient? Can I choose a wine? In that case, Le Clos Jordanne Pinot Noir from Niagara.

Chuck Byers, Ask Chuck Blog
These wines are truly great, very great, expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay… They are perfect expressions of what Pinot is all about.

Rick VanSickle, Ottawa Sun
Nothing short of breathtaking. Individually crafted masterpieces.

Rod Phillips, The Ottawa Citizen
The results are quite stunning; establishing new bench marks for Canada.

Irvin Wolkoff, The Medical Post
The wines are stunning. I have never tasted better Canadian table wines. Period.

Konrad Ejbich, Style at Home
I was taken aback by their sheer brilliance.

Christopher Waters, Vines Magazine
These wines will permanently alter the reference point for Niagara Pinot Noir…Ontario Pinot Noir…Canadian Pinot Noir…

Craig Pinhey, New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
These are stunning Pinots and mark another chapter in the evolution of local wine. “I have just tasted the future of Canadian wine, and it is terrific.”